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Three of Newcastle’s favourite feel-good businesses have united and opened their hearts to create Newcastle’s newest adult and kid-friendly playground hidden in the heart of Newcastle. The three businesses, The Grateful Boutique, Pineapple Fitness (previously BUF Girls) and The Mexican Cantina may initially all sound like very different forms of operation, but once you explore a bit deeper, you’ll discover at the core they’re essence very similar. Each business shares a common purpose… to support people to become happier in themselves, one through physical movement, one through local healthy food and one through giving.

This amazing new healthy, feel-good adult and child-friendly playground is called Island Life. Coined from the iconic term ‘The Island’ that locals use to affectionately refer to the harbourside, water-locked between the harbour and two bridges, suburb of Carrington. The name ‘Island Life’ also has a deeper meaning for its creators. It’s a place where, as you would with many island communities, you’ll find families coming together, you watch each other’s children, you eat food that’s sourced locally or that you harvested yourself and everything is done with purpose.

Island Life is located at 79 Young Street, Carrington. The front building homes The Grateful Boutique, the grass section down the side of the driveway will house your new favourite Mexican, The Mexican Cantina food truck, so as Carrington sadly says goodbye to Antojitos they can rejoice and at the back of 79 Young Street, you’ll find the offices of Pineapple Fitness. Island Life will generally be open from Wednesday to Saturday late morning to mid-afternoon, with a couple of nights’ evening trade.

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