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Marking the 25th anniversary of the earthquake that shook Newcastle in December 1989, DAPA theatre brings this home-grown play back to its original soil.

Originally developed by Paul Brown and the Worker’s Cultural Action Committee, ‘AFTERSHOCKS’ was first initiated as a theatrical healing process for the community and rebuilt the spirits of the working class. Over time This has grown, the play has proved to be a popular text in senior classrooms across the country.

For this DAPA production local director Callan Purcell and his team (all under 20 years old) dig deep and resurface the experiences of staff, patrons and friends of the Newcastle Workers’ Club in that moment of crisis. DAPA Theatre takes on the collaborative approach by sourcing theatrical, technical and graphic skills to build a fresh, bold design for this emotive show. The cast relive these testimonies through the eyes of their generation; acknowledging the camaraderie and courage of Novocastrians.

The show runs from the 26th of March until the 6th of April. Click here to find out more.

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