What you missed at this year’s Gum Ball

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We’re all a little sad this morning… The Gum Ball has been and gone for another year, and we want to do it all over again.

If you’ve never been lucky enough to experience The Gum Ball (what the F#$k are you doing?) you’re missing out on something quite unique and rare… “It’s a Music lovers paradise” as the person next to us exclaimed when we asked why they loved the Dashville festival. And we have to agree.

When you’ve got the fashion parade that’s Groovin’ The Moo happening down the road, the contrast is obvious. If you love music and hanging out with people who love a good time, you’re gonna love The Gum Ball. The family-friendly nature of The Gum Ball is often touted as the festival’s biggest asset and while we love to take out kids along to it each year, we feel that the festival offers something far beyond “family friend”, something you just don’t get from your average music gathering.

What you missed at this year’s Gum Ball

Breakfast beers and burritos – we have arrived! #Gumball18

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About to play on this stage #gumball #dashville

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Led zeppelin thunderfoxed #thegumball2018 #dashville #gumball #thunderfox #immigrantsong

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A bit of fun on a gorgeous afternoon. "The Resignators""

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Good vibes at #thegumball #thegumball2018 #dashville #hatzfitzandcara

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The Bamboo’s at The Gum Ball #gumball2018 #thegumball @the_bamboos

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Bushtie Boys getting live on the spot! #ghettoblaster #silentdisco #bushdoof

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#DashvilleProgressSociety Fuck yeah! 🤘😆 #GumBall2018

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The music was good too…

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Had a mad time✨🌧

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The man Still has it #davegraneyandthecoralsnakes #headless

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Such a good time! #Gumball2018 #HatFitzandCara #TheResignators

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…and the winner is! @mahli_g #gumballqueen

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