WELCOME TO SUSURU: Newcastle wanted ramen & Nagisa’s Taiyo Namba responded

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Back in May this year, we asked you which food fad you’d like to see take over Newcastle. You voted for ramen, and the guys behind Honeysuckle’s Nagisa Japanese restaurant responded.

Opening on Tuesday 31st October, the man behind Honeysuckle’s renowned Nagisa restaurant is opening a ramen and gyoza bar in King Street.

Restaurateur Taiyo Namba, will open Susuru (which means “slurp” in Japanese) in his mission to bring new flavour of international cuisine to Newcastle.

Taiyo and his head chef Chris Schofield became fascinated with the multi-layered process involved in producing ramen and gyoza.

“Traditional gyoza dumplings have been enjoyed in Japan for centuries, but remained singular in flavour until now.

“At Susuru, we aim to bring our customers a burst of fun and flavour in each gyoza. The ingredients are mostly house-made to ensure genuine quality – this is at the heart of what we do.

“The essence of truly great ramen comes from taking the utmost care in the preparation of each ingredient and extracting their flavours over many hours to produce soups bursting with umami taste and complemented with noodles cooked to perfection.

“Susuru is passionate about serving you ramen you won’t forget,” Taiyo said.

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