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Most people are well aware that Warners At The Bay is the ‘Home Of Craft Beer’ in Lake Macquarie and the Hunter. However, a lot of people don’t know that Warners At The Bay is also becoming a real mid-week haven for Mums with young children, an affordable and relaxed place to meet up for lunch. Newcastle Live went out to the hotel last week to catch up with one of those Mums and ask them why…

It’s just after 12 noon on a Thursday when Leonie and her two children, Jarvis (9 years old) and Eddison (4 years old), arrive for lunch at Warners At The Bay. The sun has just come out after a morning of rain, and the two kids are literally jumping up and down as they cross the car park, ready to make a beeline for the hotel’s playground.

The fully-enclosed, undercover playground at Warners At The Bay is one of the big draw cards for Mums. It’s perfect for pre-school children, and even kept Leonie’s 9 year old entertained for the few hours we were there.

There’s no time to waste as we sit down at one of the large wooden picnic-style tables within the playground area. Menus are on the table and decisions are swiftly made before both children quickly rush off to make the most of the equipment. The two children choose dishes off the kids menu (which all come with a drink and ice cream), while Leonie heads straight for a classic – Steak with Diane sauce.

So, why does Leonie bring the kids here? What do the kids like about it? What’s their favourite dish? We’re glad you asked…

What Leonie said

Why do you like to bring your family to Warners At The Bay for lunch?

“On a day like this, it’s a great place to come and get some sun. The meals are not only really tasty, but they’re very affordable. The kid’s menu is awesome. Not many kids menus have steak on them.”

What do you like about the playground here? 

“I think the playground’s great. It’s got lots to offer for children of varied ages. And there’s always plenty of families here with children that seem to play well together. It’s a nice secure area, there’s lots of seating nearby the playground, which is great to keep an eye on the children. I also like that there’s a toilet facility in the same area. You don’t have to go into the bar to use the toilet.”

What did you order today and how was it?

“A really nice piece of rump steak and it was really well cooked. Medium rare. You can’t go wrong.”

What Jarvis said

What do you think of the playground here?

“I’m a bit too big for it now, but I like playing with the other kids here.”

What did you order today and how was it?

“I had fish and chips. I liked the tartar sauce and I liked Mums steak. She gave me a bit and it was pretty good. The chips were crispy too.”

And what does do you think about the free ice cream?

“Thumbs up.”

Why do you think Mum brings you here?

“So she can have lunch with her friends while me and Eddie play.”

What Eddison said

What do you like about the playground here?

“The slide and the aeroplane! Lots of kids to play with. And I like orange, it’s my Mummy’s favourite colour”

What did you have for lunch today?

“Pasta and ice cream! It’s got sprinkles on it. And I like Mummy’s cake!”

Warners At The Bay is open for lunch 7 days a week. All meals from the kids menu include a drink and an ice cream for just $10, there’s a $12 lunch menu for budget-conscious Mums, and the rump steak Leonie had was just $17.90.

For more information, visit the Warners At The Bay website.

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