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Anyone who’s spent enough time around the music industry will know that there’s little money in selling records these days. Increasingly bands (even the big ones) rely on touring to pay the bills and record their next release. That’s the aim for the Philadelphia Grand Jury national tour that hits the Cambridge Hotel on November 13.

The trio from Sydney are back, but this time, they’re not just touring around for the hell of it. This time, they’re touring around to raise the funds necessary to record a follow-up album to Hope Is For Hopers, tentatively titled “Happy Again”.

The band say that “in an age where everything is plastic and you have to pay to take a piss” musicians need to “own your own means of production and never compromise”.

“If the record label had a nose we would punch it in”.

So if you’re keen for a follow up to  “The Good News” or “I Don’t Want to Party (Party)”, then grab a ticket to the show via Big Tix.



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