Top places to venture to now the East End is open for business (again).

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Say what you want about the whole East End shebang and the mesh of convenience and inconveniences the construction caused during the process but I for one am very thankful it’s all over. Sure you could have ventured into town, and tried to navigate your way around the East End, but from what I’ve heard from those who don’t call the inner city home it just wasn’t worth the hassle. But now that at least some of the construction is finished, where will you head to celebrate all things East End and wonderful? Here are my top tips.

East End Hub

 East End Hub is tucked away and is pretty much as East End as you can get. It’s also perfect for a mid week lunch especially on the days where you know it’s about time you treated yourself purely because you deserve it. It’s open 7 days a week, the menu is extensive and delightful to say the least and if you’ve got the time you’ll be making regular trips to soak it all in.



Firstly, it’s not as hipster as the kids make it out to be, and it’s still a staple in any Novocastrians routine. I couldn’t think of a better corner to spend your lazy weekend evenings after a full day of surf, sand and sun. The menu may have changed a little over the years, and now leans towards catering for the diner with ample time but the food is still as delicious as ever. FIND OUT MORE


Someone told me the other day that this is in fact the best coffee in Newcastle. I am skeptical of course because I am a coffee snob and like sticking to my routine. But now that Watt street and the majority of the East End by extension is actually becoming more and more accessible I’m finally willing to give it a try and you should too. I mean the view alone should be enough to take your breath away.  FIND OUT MORE

The Underground at the Grand

I’ve written about the Grand Hotel and the Underground many times so I’ll just say this. If the time has finally come and you’ve exhausted all of your excuses you should finally head to the Grand for a pub feed, a great happy hour and of course live jazz every single Tuesday night. FIND OUT MORE

The Grain Store

 One of ‘the’ go to bars in Newcastle and perhaps ‘the’ bar on the east end. Honestly it’s a beer lovers paradise with rotating taps of local beer and a menu to match it’s everything you could ever want. Honestly if you’re looking for me, I’ll probably be here. FIND OUT MORE

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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