Top 5 Reasons we’re keen for Diesel’s Nelson Bay Show

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Australian music legend, Diesel will roll into Wests Nelson Bay this Friday (May 13) as part of his Pieces of Americana tour. Here’s 5 reasons we’re “frothing” for the show. 

Diesel Road Trip!

There’s nothing like a trip up the bay. We recommend getting up there early to take in the Sunset and grab a bite to eat before the show. D’albora Marina (located on Teramby Rd, Nelson Bay) is the perfect spot to watch the sunset while enjoying an afternoon ice cream or sneaky pre-show beverage and we’re pretty big fans of the Bay Diner pizza at Wests for dinner.

The set list

Diesel says that selecting songs to play on an Americana tour has been gruelling. “It’s really hard ’cos it’s such a deep well; how far back do you go? I literally went: OK, I’ve got five minutes, grab the most essential things out of your house before the house burns down!’” – yet also fearless. Witness Diesel’s thought process on daring to tackle Born to Run by The Boss, Bruce Springsteen

The guitars

It’s a family affair when Diesel hits the road, and we’re not talking about aunts and uncles. From twelve string acoustics to custom electrics, if you’re a guitar geek, this is the show for you!

Diesels’ voice is really on point at the moment

A quarter-century after he busted out of the garage and into the Australian psyche with Don’t Need Love and Soul Revival Diesels’ voice has never sounded better. Diesel is the product of a large pool of music that started in the house he grew up in and it’s just kept evolving and getting better and better.

Australia Verses Americana

Australia VS America

The music may be American, but Diesel will approach it the only way he knows how … “It’s very Australian what I’m doing,” he says. “That mongrel thing, taking music – whether it’s from England or America – then crossing things over. We’re not scared of mixing things up here and breaking the rules. Never have been.”

Grab your tickets for this Friday’s show (May 13), via the Wests website.

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