Top 5 Places To Dine Alone In Newcastle

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Not that this article actually needs an introduction but hey, here goes nothing. Sometimes you just really want the chance to be by yourself. Whether you admit it to yourself that you actually want to be there by yourself or not, just embrace it. Embrace the solidarity and the chance to eat those nachos exactly the way you’ve always wanted to. I care for alone time, always and forever, but I do like to leave the house occasionally so here are my top five places to dine alone. Also this isn’t just restaurants this includes coffee places, because coffee is love coffee is life.

The Press Book House

Any place that combines books and coffee is so high on my list of favourite places it almost makes everything else obsolete. I love coming here because it’s almost as though you’re expected to be here by yourself. It’s full of tidy little nooks literally encouraging you to engage in a solitary activity. Reading. My hot tip for life? Find someone who will sit with you in silence, and just enjoy the company you keep, it’s the dream really. The coffee is great, the service is wonderful oh and did I mention they sell books here?

The Grand Hotel

Whether you’re here for Tuesday night jazz or simply to enjoy the awesomeness of happy hour, the Grand Hotel is a definite go to. The staff are wonderful, the beer is super cheap, and there are plenty of places to simply sit and watch the world go by. Now look, I’m not here to advocate for the whole Hemingway defence and encourage people to drink alone, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do. You do you after all.


I’d never really ventured in here before, until I had a meeting there last week. And me being me I rocked up 2 hours early for said meeting. It’s a beautiful light filled building, with excellent coffee. Also, a special shoutout to the employees who were working behind the counter that day, you’re so wonderful. Momos is almost set up to welcome the solitary diner and I most definitely felt wanted and appreciated here and I cannot wait to head back again soon.

The Edwards

They have Melbourne Bitter on tap, and plenty of places to park yourself and your work and the staff are also very friendly. It’s also the perfect way to ease into the space between coffee and beer and whiskey and for this I will be forever thankful.

Good Brother

Good Brother do the best smashed avocado in Newcastle. The best. I am constantly impressed by the way they conduct their business, and despite the long table set up in the middle of the cafe, it’s actually a really great place to sit and watch the world go by. The staff are wonderful, the coffee is great, and there are always plenty of doggos that walk on by, that are much (much) better to talk to than people can be sometimes. It’s a proven fact.

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  1. The only address I got out of this article, was that one of the places is somewhere in Parry St, so how about a bit more info so we know where these places actually are. ??

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