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Our guide to your perfect Wednesday October 14, in Newcastle. Today it’s breakfast at Three Bean, Lunch at Kitami and a night with the Residents. Hello Wednesday! 


Breakfast at 3 Bean

Morning image
THEY SAY: Our team is fed, awake and fresh at 6am sharp. Our produce is from local farmers and our menu is healthy and fun.
WE SAY: A perfect start to the day. These guys make a breakfast like their lives depend on it. One of th best in town
WHAT:  Nobbys Breakwall
WHERE: 103 Tudor Street, Hamilton


Ramen at Kitami Japanese in Carrington

Afternoon image
THEY SAY:  Ramen topped with braised pork, shallots, seaweed, a boiled egg and Naruto
WE SAY:  Kitami only offer ramen at their Carrington Store. It’s the best Australian made ramen we’ve tried outside of Sydney.
WHAT: Kitami Japanese
WHERE: 51 Young Street Carrington


Spend a night with The Residents

evening image
THEY SAY: Three of Newcastle’s busiest musicians have come together and decided to throw their repertoires, their vocal abilities, their sense of humor, and three or four instruments into a melting pot and see what they can cook up for a Wednesday night residency at The Duke Of Wellington Hotel in Lambton.
WE SAY: With Gareth Hudson, Jason Bone and the beautiful and talented Karyn Raftery on stage, you’re bound to be blown away
WHAT: The Residents
WHERE: The Duke New Lambton


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