The String Contingent launch new album in Newcastle

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Renowned acoustic chamber-folk trio, The String Contingent are touring in support of their fourth album, Facets, and are set to hit Newcastle later this year at The Unorthodox Church Of Groove.

The String Contingent comprises of Australians Chris Stone (violin) and Holly Downes (double bass), with Scotsman Graham McLeod (guitar), with critics claiming the trio have reached ‘the upper echelon of instrumental exploration, arrangement, composition and performance’ (Tony Hillier, Rhythms).

Their new album, Facets, has just received a 4-star review from The Australian Weekender, and features some of Australia’s most revered musicians, including Sandy Evans, Genevieve Lacey, Julian Thompson, Linsey Pollak, Chris Duncan and Catherine Strutt. It showcases the stylistic flexibility of The String Contingent as they shift through baroque, classical, jazz, Indian, Celtic and Balkan elements to create a truly contemporary sound.

Their music ‘brings to mind the bluegrass records of Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer…with elements of Bach, Kronos Quartet and sometimes a splash of Philip Glass…they are incredibly skilled…’ (Ulf Torstensson, Lira).

The String Contingent have had to post-pone their April Newcastle performance, and will be performing at The Unorthodox Church of Groove later this year.



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