The Jungle Giants festival recipe : 2 G&T’s & 2 beers

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Sam Hales, from Aussie band The Jungle Giants, says he’s fine-tuned the art of getting the perfect amount of tipsy before a show. The band head to Newcastle on October 31 as part of the lineup for the THIS THAT festival. We chatted to Sam ahead of the bands arrival.

The Jungle Giants’ new album, Speakerzoid has proved the band’s willingness to push their musicality to new limits. And chatting to Sam, they’re really excited about hitting festivals with their new songs.

“Festivals feel different. I can’t really explain it, I guess it’s just more exiting. There’s just so much going on. Every time we do a festival we get really psyched” he says.

Sam put part of their festival success down to his ability to get tipsy, not drunk, before a show.

“I’ve perfected the art of getting tipsy before the show and not too drunk. It’s like 2 gin and tonics, and then two beers, and then I’m like at the perfect level for the show. It’s like my buzz level. I don’t like getting drunk before the show, but I like to get a little tipsy”.

The Jungle Giants new release is available now on Vinyl, CD and digital download. They play the THIS THAT festival on October 31.

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