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For EVERY week of 2015 Gerant Kenneth has written, rehearsed, recorded, filmed, edited, performed and shared another music video clip. This weeks punk video contribution “Tall Jenny”, performed by his band of the same name, is the 35th since the project started on New Years Day 2015. The project has been a full time job for Gerant. Underneath an aggressive attitude and often thinly veiled layer of sarcasm are some hard hitting, no bullshit, messages. Songs such as ‘Everyone’s A Critic’ and ‘Fail Away’ are an open letter to the culture of hate that the anonymity of the internet breeds. Attacking those whose agenda is to focus on the negative, pick apart and fault­find creative works.

Gerant has been with us, week after week for many of the significant events of 2015 as well. Adjusting direction and providing social commentary through his art. ‘Eating Snakes’ was released the weekend of the Newcastle storm in April in 2015, images of uprooted trees laid out across roads, parks and the iconic Lovers Lane sign accompany a spaced out, bipolar synth track, in line with the turmoil many were feeling at the time. ‘Gender Bent’ sees a menacing lady­man Gerant screeching “Queer is Good” down the barrel of the camera to a manic punk number, it was released to coincide with the United States legalising same sex marriage and the subsequent onslaught of Facebook rainbow filter profile pictures.

‘Summon the Hive’ touches on the absurdity of religion and offers sincerity mixed with hilarious lyrical nonsense in such lines as “S​earch for which don’t exist, Squeeze the cyst through the mist”​. Speaking of lyrical nonsense, this writer’s favourite track is a bouncy rock tune named ‘Winston Scott’. The lyrical content provided by a dream that a close friend, Dan Wilson had. The story was recorded and the lyrics written almost verbatim for the song “T​he next day I awake to have Winston Scott stuck in my head. So I looked it up and it turns out he’s an astronaut. Who could have thought it not? I’m not Winston Scott.”


It’s impossible to talk about Gerant’s song a week project without talking about tallJENNY. tallJENNY are the four piece band that have supported Gerant for the majority of the songs in part 2 and part 3 of the project. The last 10 weeks songs have all featured tallJENNY as the house band and the feel of the songs and videos have evolved in the process. Every week they have been learning, performing and tracking Gerant’s creations under punishing time constraints. Couple that with live appearances showcasing the tracks from the project and you have one tight, hard working outfit.

Gerant shows incredible creative diversity in his songwriting. To label the songs and videos with a genre would be an insult to the individuality of each track. With each new week, Gerant submits to his audience a truly unique offering with its own heart and soul. The songs and videos can be cute and playful, with pop inspired melodies one week to brutally aggressive, riff heavy “kick you in the dick” rock fests the next, mixed with its own dose of Gerant’s trademark synthesised face scratching key parts, guitar riff heavy songwriting (especially in the later tracks) and bungle­esque time signature changes, no two weeks sound alike. After 35 bonafide videos and tracks delivered (and 17 still to go), the well of creativity has not dried up. They have been
delivered with such zealous enthusiasm with such a broad range of styles that comparisons to Mike Patton are hard to ignore.

In an era where the majority of internet media creators are algorithmic in their process of “clickbaiting” to generate shares and likes. “You won’t believe what happens next”,“This will blow your mind”… spew, give it up. Gerant has consciously avoided such a calculated approach by delivering truly unique original works. Wherein becomes the struggle. How do you build an engaged audience amongst all the shit that the hype machines are force feeding? We make a conscious decision to support our incredible local artists. Get on board with the 2015 song a week project. The entire playlist is available for free at youtube and has no commercial advertising.

tallJENNY are: Gerant Kenneth (Vocals, Guitar, Synth) Nathan Field (Drums) Dean Joy (Bass) Matthew Pointon (Guitar).

You can find out more about the project and see all the videos here.

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