Strangers I’ve Met and Liked: Part 2

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Another day, another week, another fun list of strangers I’ve met and liked, in line with my project for June. I’m really loving this little experiment that we’re all embarking on, because it’s actually getting me out of the house for once. Also, did you recognise anyone from last week’s list? If you think it’s you, it’s probably you. I’m usually pretty accurate about my descriptions, particularly the positive ones and I’m all about meeting some interesting people. So here it is, part two, of strangers I’ve met and liked. 

Saturday (morning)

I hate shopping. A lot. I don’t care for it at all, especially when I have to actually go in and try something on. It’s not my jam which is why I don’t buy clothes very often. But I had two massive holes in the crotch of my jeans and it was starting to get a little embarrassing. My housemate dragged me into Abicus at the promise of a beer afterwards, (I am a giant adult child) and I stared at the wall of denim. Usually I just walk in, grab the first oversized mens t-shirt I can find, and retreat, slowly. But… to the wonderful girl who helped me, and did not make me feel like a novice human, and picked out a pair of threads I never would have selected myself, thank you, oh so much. I am slightly more respectable now because of you.


I ventured to the West end seeking a dark bar, a sturdy stool and a beer to kick start the second part of my day. That and I was also waiting for a mate to finish work. I don’t usually head further than Hunter Street on my days off (East End kids amirite?) But today I made an exception, and walking into the Blind Monk, I’m glad I did. I care for bartenders, especially bartenders like you. You were friendly, made me smile, and didn’t give me any sort of pretentious recommendations when I asked. I always hold bar tending as a skill, in very high regard, and I spend a lot of my time, watching people like you, do what you do best. You let me drink my beer in peace, write without interruption, and you sent me on my way with a smile and a nod. Side note Balter Beer is wonderful and I recommend it absolutely.

Saturday (earlier that morning):

I’m really glad I called this series strangers I met and liked, not people I met and liked because sometimes the best kinds of people are not people at all. I saw you out the front of good brother and I swear you were majestic, the flipping best looking doggo I’ve seen in the longest of times. I complemented you on your neck tie whilst I sipped my coffee, and wondered exactly how you came to present as so incredibly dapper, poised and humble. You were happy to ‘sit’ and watch the world go by. Thank you for being a very good boy.

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