The Soundtrack To Yours (and everyone else’s) Wedding.

Laura Kebby -


Even though my hopeless romantic heart likes to tell me that each and every wedding is different, sometimes the similarities just far outweigh the subtle differences.

One such category, of course, is music.

With wedding season well into swing, here are the top tracks that make you say, “did you even go to a wedding if you didn’t…

Go riding on the horses yeah yeah.

Anyway… Say maybe… Are you gunna be the one to save meeeee

Find out that the last plan out of Sydney’s almost gone

Wish you had blue eyes when the room looks at you and asks if you’ll be their brown eyed girl

Ask your long term partner if they like it then they should have put a ring on it

Even those this dress cost a billion dollars remember that girls just wanna have fun

You can dance, and you can jive but are you having the time of your life?

Speaking of time of your life.

And wanting to dance with somebody

Do a Glee style choreographed dance and flippantly decide I think I wanna marry you

Every. Ed. Sheehan. Song. Ever. Written

Do a mash up of the Macarena and the Nutbush

Weddings. Done. Right.

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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