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The Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority is currently reviewing restrictions placed upon Newcastle in 2008. The Australian Hotels Association (AHA) has not requested current lock out laws be removed, but conditions be refined so that we as a city have the same rules as Sydney. We agree and think it’s time to give Newcastle a fair go…

If you agree you can let Jonathan Horton QC, the man in charge of the review, know how you feel by signing this petition.



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  1. I played at the Star Hotel around 1978 as a 17 year old ( ooops, the secrets out ). Newcastle in those days was all about music. The Irish Folk Club was huge, the Rock scene was energetic and the inner city was alive. Moving the University to Callaghan combined with the effects of the Newcastle Earthquake has had a depression effect on the inner city of Newcastle. Bringing back music into the inner city is a great thing and if by supporting the pubs with reviewed lock out laws to help enliven Newcastle and support the Newcastle music industry, then new easier lock out laws would benefit everyone.

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