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Two filmmakers have to shoot and edit a short film inside five hours. That’s the basis of a new local initiative called the Short Film Battle.

Entrants are given a theme, a mandatory object, a bunch of extras, as well as a line of dialogue, which is written by their opponent. All you need to enter is a camera and a computer with editing software, the rest is up to the enginuity and imagination of the entrants.

“It’s a pretty daunting examination of your filmmakership to make a film in five hours. There’s been quite a few memorable freakouts caught on camera caused simply by the pressure of the time crunch. So the satisfaction of actually finishing and knowing you have created a film in five hours is a pretty awesome feeling.” says organiser Sam Cupitt.

“Considering that making a short film is a pretty short time and work intensive process normally, the fact you can be a part of one of these battles and after five hours say you have made a short film is pretty special as well”.

So far the Short Film Battle has spread mostly by word of mouth as one of the aims of the whole project is to help build a network of Newcastle filmmakers.

Each time a battle takes place, the films are uploaded to the event’s Facebook page for an informal voting process. If you’re keen to add your critique and cast a vote head to the page and get amongst it.

All films feature local music too. So far entrants have used tracks from the likes of Flight to Dubai, Dead Albatross, The Hatty Fatners and Vanishing Shapes. If you would like to submit your music for inclusion in one of the films being made jump of the Facebook page and tell entrant where they can find your tunes.

Whilst the competition is currently a 100% online affair, in the future the organisers with hope to put on a screening for the general public.  The best way to be a part of it is to simply watch the films, comment and get in touch with the organisers through their Facebook page if you wish to compete.

Newcastle Live will be featuring some of the films coming out of the competition over the next few weeks so keep your eyes on the site.

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