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Self proclaimed pioneers of Celtabillyrootsgrassfolk Round Mountain Girls are back at their old shenanigans with latest single “The Constant Rhythm” and this time they’re taking two time Golden Guitar song bird, Felicity Urquhart, along for the ride. They play Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel on April 15.

A romantic turn for the usually rambunctious collective “The Constant Rhythm” utilizes Urquharts unique vocals to create a dreamy, banjo laden little ditty concerning that special person in your life without whom the world would seem an empty place. It’s not all cupids and love hearts however as the gang pulls out their trademark 2/4 time signature to transform the tune into a sing-a-long festival anthem.

“Sometimes it’s just time to write a love song. I couldn’t do what I do without the ever present walking stick that hooks me back when I’m out of control, prods me from behind from I’m moping around, or acts as a crutch when it’s all going off. Relationships work best when you feel like a team and it doesn’t matter whether its husband/ wife, mother/ daughter, teacher/student or whatever…we all need someone to lean on. I’m a very lucky man and I wanted the world to know ” – Chris Eaton Banjo/Vocals/Guitar

The Round Mountain Girls are first and foremost a live band so it makes sense that the band outrageously jazzed to take their show on the road. The show, already littered with their infectious, catchy songs, high-energy stage presence, humour and acclaimed musicianship, is taking its time sailing round the east coast, so strap in for a rollicking, folk-yer-socks-off truck load of fun.

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