Sharks, Summer & You

Laura Kebby -


Newcastle is a beach town, obviously, in fact we’re famous for it. So famous that I’m pretty sure it’s one of the shining things that keeps us on all of those lonely planet lists year after year. But with the beach, does come some downfalls. I feel that we as Novocastrians can be a little haphazard when it comes to beach safety. The tourists come prepared, we however, don’t. Mostly because we know the area, and are known for being very stubborn and a little chaotic. But if you take all of the safety precautions that we can control, what’s left are the ones we can’t.

At the end of the day, as much as people seem to think that the world revolves around us and our existence on this planet, the fact is we aren’t here alone. The ocean isn’t just there as our personal playground. It also plays host to many many weird and wonderful creatures. Some are friendly, some can sometimes mistake you for say a seal or another tasty treat. And no, before you even start, the solution to beach safety isn’t to cull sharks. You can’t just kill things when they become a threat to you. This is 2017 not our first day on earth. Duh.

What you can do though, is download the Shark Smart App. You can literally track where and when sharks have been doing what they do best, swimming and being awesome. The media is forever guilty of sensationalising shark ‘attacks’ and demonising the sharks themselves. The other week for example a man was ‘attacked’ by a shark where he received minor puncture wounds to his foot. The media of course jumped on this story like no tomorrow and once again attempted to warn the public about the dangers of sharks. It wasn’t until many days later however, that the shark was in fact a bottom dwelling, peaceful Wobbegong shark just going about its business.

The reality is sharks have much more of a right to be in the ocean than we do, it is their home after all. This app will go a long way to not only putting your mind at ease but also reminding you of just how big the world and the ocean, is. Look after yourself and the ocean and enjoy everything that Newcastle has to offer.


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