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The Newcastle Urban Renewal Strategy was released in 2012 and is focused on developing Newcastle’s three main precincts. It’s now time for your to share your vision for the future of Newcastle city centre by participating in the Revitalising Newcastle community engagement program.

Throughout August and September 2015, there will be lots of ways to get involved: chat to one of the engagement team at your favourite community events, provide feedback through this website, or participate in the future leaders forum, business breakfast, or community workshops amongst other activities. Information will be available on this website from 10 August 2015

The revitalisation will reinforce the city’s role as a 21st century regional centre, unlock the potential of the city centre as a place that can meet the needs of the current and future community, and boost economic activity across the Hunter Region.

Have your say now: revitalisingnewcastle.com.au

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  1. As a tourist visiting the area my first impression after getting here (via train to Hamilton and standing on a bus thereafter) is amazement that the railway line from Sydney has been closed.

    In the UK and in Europe, councils (see Edinburgh, London, among many) are falling over themselves to reopen rail lines and build new ones. Also, as a warning, check out the problems that Edinburgh had with building a city centre light rail…years of disruption, years late, so far over budget that parts of the scheme were abandoned before completion etc etc..It became a national scandal..

    What Newcastle needs is a through train service, and as I understand things it used to have one. What lunatics closed it? Or was it closed so that someone could line their pockets by selling the land?

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