SATIVA OR INDICA: We chat to The Bennies ahead of their Small Ballroom show

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We chat to Jules from The Bennies ahead of their show at The Small Ballroom on 29 June. 

NL: On this tour, you’re going from the Gold Coast to Newcastle overnight… What a Bennies Road trip look like?

JULES: It’s hard to say what it looks like, it probably resembles a fucken mess but I’m sure it’s more beautiful than that.

NL: You’re doing a bunch of shows on this tour with Newcastle fav duo Gooch Palms. Tell us something about Leroy and Kat that we wouldn’t know.

JULES: They used to be presenters on an obscure network television psychic series. I only saw the pilot episode and all I can say is ‘Wow’, incredible stuff.

NL: We tried to use one word to describe your latest album, Born Chillers. We came up with ‘FUN’. What the one word you’d use to describe it?

JULES: Exotic.

NL: Were there any songs you wrote for the album that didn’t make it? Why?

JULES: We used most of the shit we recorded. It does happen where some tracks don’t make the album, usually because it messes with the flow of the record. I love it when a record takes you on a ride, like a mini DJ set.

NL: I want to bring a present to the gig to give to you… What do you want?

JULES: Keys to a helicopter and enough weed and beer to fly it like in M.A.S.H.

NL: Sativa or Indica?

JULES: Sativa for creativity.

NL: Beer or Bourbon?

JULES: I love a beer.

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