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Saturday November 26th

Dragon | Choirboys | The Superjesus | Richard Clapton | Ian Moss | The Screaming Jets | Baby Animals

With festival season in full swing, lovers of Aussie rock music have been provided with more than a few opportunities lately to head out and see their favourite bands, but no one puts on a show quite like Empire Touring.

They go by the job title of ‘vibe creators’ and while the description might be just a little unusual, it is certainly on the money with their Hope Rocks festival leaving no doubt the team know how to deliver an all-star line up.

Held at Hope Estate and featuring a line up of Aussie rock royalty including Dragon, The Choir Boys, The Superjesus, Ian Moss, The Screaming Jets and Baby Animals the show did not disappoint despite some soaring temperatures.

Musically speaking there were a number of highlights on the day including headliners Baby Animals and local exports The Screaming Jets. Ian Moss rocked it as well delivering a number of Chisel classics and there was a Choirboys cover of ACDC that had the audience up on their feet.

Musicality aside, there was also some excitement off stage when one lucky lady said yes to a public marriage proposal, but the real highlight of the day was a little black dog named Chachi.

Chachi, who belongs to Superjesus songstress Sarah McLeod, had the crowd chanting her name when she decided she’d waited long enough for her mum to come off stage and trotted out to see what the hold up was.

This is my dog Chachi,” McLeod told the audience mid-song. “She comes out on the road with me.

The audience responded by cheering out her name over and over again – “Chachi…Chachi… Chachi…”

Chachi was ushered back to the wings by an obliging stage tech where she waited patiently and it was on with the show…

All in all it was a great event and perhaps Empire should consider adding Chachi to any future line-up – she is one dog guaranteed to draw a crowd!

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