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I’ve said it many times before but supporting, following, and seeing a band you admire grow, create, record, and succeed is a really incredible feeling. But in my opinion, this feeling of second hand pride is always doubled when that band just happens to hail from your home town. We’ve written about Paper Thin many times before and it seems like the boys from Newy are continuously on the up and up. Lead fearlessly (and also wholesomely) from the front by Spencer Scott, the band today drop their latest offering into the the world, their second EP, Living With Being Without.

Fans of their debut, as well as Spencer’s solo work, will really relish in the fuller sound the band have worked hard to pursue. But unlike their debut however, the band have really forged together a way to allow each and every member to shine in a way that was always intended.

This offering, lyrically, will still cut just as deep as their earlier work, something fans have come to know and love from both the genre and the band themselves. If anything, the undertones with; Living With. Being Without are darker and more complex, and the band will draw you into their innermost narrative and have you grabbing your mates and celebrating the tiny corner of your community.

Track wise, the first single ‘When You Call’ is still an absolute standout and I personally cannot wait to see this particular track live and large because this, is what Paper Thin are all about. Paying unapologetic homage to punk and what some would be quick to label the quintessential Newcastle sound. ‘Scared of Flying of course surfaced as another favourite if not the favourite for me on this EP, it’s just exactly what I wanted to hear from the band sound direction wise, and I just love it.

But in all honesty, the band have always been destined for more than headlining a set at the Hamo on a Saturday night, (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but this EP is a step up from the support act in the back of an empty bar. Because in all honesty, if you’re not a Paper Thin fan already, jump on that band wagon now before the boys blow right past. 

Living With. Being Without is available today across all streaming platforms as well as physically through Bandcamp.

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