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Lianna Rose’s new album “Travellers” takes all the best bits from her debut album “Soak Up The World” to another level. The album has been named “album of the week” on a number of radio stations and country music forums, and for good reason. 

Lyrically “Travellers” is both introspective and bold, but it is perhaps sonically where this album really takes  Lianna to a different place than where she’s been before with her music.

All the instruments sound great and the guitars have been recorded brilliantly. In some songs you can really hear the timber of the acoustics guitars and in others they just seem to provide the perfect base to the shimmering country twangs.

Highlights of the album include the first single Willy Wagtail, a fast paced danceable track with a cheeky lyrical hook and the title track Travellers which showcases Lianna’s vocal tone, dynamics and softer side.

When rock & 80’s pop music were devouring the radio airwaves, Lianna, like many young teenagers, fell in love with artists such as Tom Petty, Suzi Quatro, John Mellencamp and Oz rockers, The Angels, Australian Crawl and Paul Kelly. She played in hotel bars and rodeo camps and after been thrown a few dollars and a ton of appreciation she quickly realized she wanted nothing more than to make a living out of music & writing. With a guitar slung over her shoulder and the pen & paper not far from her hand Lianna spent her teenage years gigging every weekend, honing her craft so that by the time she reached her early twenties she was notching up over 200 gigs per year.

As a second album we have to admit we’re really impressed with “Travellers” and a few of the songs have made their way onto the Newcastle Live office playlist for 2015.

You can find our more about Lianna Rose and purchase a copy of her album by visiting her website.

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