Regurgitator’s best live moments caught on camera

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The ‘Back to the Bar’ party at the University Of Newcastle on Thursday October 22 will be headlined by Aussie band, Regurgitator. To remind ourselves why we loved Regurgitator so much we’ve been going through some of their live performances on Youtube. Here’s a list of some of our favourites.

Everyday Formula on ABC’s Recovery

For the kids, Recovery was an awesome music show that aired on Saturday morning on ABC TV. It was a like a religion to watch Recovery and one of the best bands to have on were The Gurg. We love this performance so much it makes our cheeks hurt.

Kung Foo Sing Live At Livid

Oh Livid… You were the ultimate Newcastle to Brisbane road trip. Many made it, most came home psychologically scared, but better from the experience.

The Drop at the Bubble

Remember the Band In The Bubble project. It was all part of the ‘reality’ TV movement. While the band copped some shit for it, we loved it. Here’s some footage of the band playing live in the bubble to their song, The Drop.

I Will Lick Your Arsehole at the Big Day Out

The crowd are going absolutely ape shit for Regurgitator in this video of the band playing the 1999 Big Day Out. The band are feeding off the crowd and the result was a performance that’s hard to forget.

Song Formerly Known As at the ARIA awards

They were surprised to win the 1998 best album award at the ARIAs and you can see it in their faces during the performance of Song Formerly Known As.


Regurgitator play the ‘Back to the Bar’ party at the University Of Newcastle on Thursday October 22. Get tickets here…

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