Why we’re pumped Sunnyboys in October

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Iconic Australian band, Sunnyboys will hit Newcastle Panthers on October 10 and we’re pumped. Here’s why…

This song

We like to see a promise made good

During last year’s Day on the Green spot supporting Elvis Costello the band promised they would play a local healine show in the near future and it seems they’ve kept to their word.

Jeremy Oxley’s the man!

http://thesunnyboy.com.au/assets/sunnyboys12.png http://thesunnyboy.com.au/assets/sunnyboys12.png

The connection the band have with their fans

“I cried and all the way through the first song of Sunnyboys… then danced and sang for the rest of the day/night Emotional return from the Sunnyboys. Not a dry eye in the house” – Facebook page comment.

The boys are still on fire

This is some footage from a show in Sydney in 2012

Find out more including how to buy tickets here.

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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