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Sydney post-punk trio Mere Women will be making their way to Newcastle in September as part of their east coast tour in support of their second album, ‘Your Town’.

Pulsating with dark, dreamy tones and restless energy, Mere Women are the stuff of late nights, fuelled by wine, words and brooding sounds. Recorded in Orange in a cold storage room by Tim G Carr and released by Poison City Records, the unique & multi-faceted ‘Your Town’ album will further solidiify Mere Women as one of Australia’s most engaging underground acts.

You can stream a couple of tracks from their album via soundcloud below.

Mere Women play the Croation Wickham Sports Club on September 12 with special guests Bare Grillz, Whitney Houston’s Crypt & Collector. Tickets will be $5 on the door and the show kicks off at 8:00pm.



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