Placebo stopped Newcastle show to kick out dickheads who were fighting

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English rock band Placebo stopped their set in Newcastle tonight after a fight broke out in the audience.

“We’re here to put on a good and enjoyable show for you all. We won’t put up with fighting” Brian Molko said, as security at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre removed a couple of dickheads who decided to bring back the biff at a Placebo gig.

Brian owned the situation, much to the admiration of the rest of the audience. In an effort to ensure the safety of the rest of the crowd, he waited until the pair were removed by security before kicking off the show again – Which everyone agrees was brilliant.

We’ve written about this kind of shit at local shows many times. FFS, who makes the effort to leave the house on a Tuesday night only to get kicked out of one of the best tours to hit Newcastle this year?

You can see some video of the incident below.


This comment was left on our Facebook page. Were you at the gig? Did you think Brian got it wrong?


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  1. My friend was kicked out after pushing two guys who were pinging of their heads away from his mum and niece. They pushed his 18 yo niece to the ground and she is currently in alot of pain. He did not throw a punch at any point, just kept pushing these idiots away from his family. After he was thrown out his 2 brothers, sister, niece, parents all left ( 4 songs in)
    Not very fair at all .

  2. I was there and to his credit Brian totally handled the situation. Sick of dickheads stuffing up Newy.

  3. I was literally standing right next to the incident, and the two supposed “dickheads” you call out in the article we’re not in the wrong at all.
    Some absolute tosser came storming into us , pushing and jumping on us. The two guys, along with myself and a few others tried pushing the idiot away from us, but he kept coming back in. It was only after the guy hurt one of the women (after reading MM’s comment, I realise it wasn’t his girlfriend like I thought at the time, but his niece), one of the two ejected became fed up and did throw a punch. I’m not condoning that action, but seriously, the guy who was hit was ruining the show for everybody, and physically hurting people who were doing nothing but standing watching the gig. The guy who started everything was dragged over the barricade by security after he was called to the guard’s attention. Once he was gone, the gig should have just resumed, but Brian unfairly decided to call out the two guys who had only been defending the females around us (my girlfriend included, who was also barged into, despite me also trying to stop the guy from jumping on us).
    Those two guys were very unfairly treated.

    1. Just want to thank you for your post. I am the mother of the backwards baseball hat guy. I was at the front with my children. My granddaughter was one of the woman that was hit in the stomach. I am disgusted by the fact that he was evicted and then we all left because I had trouble looking at Brian Molko after that. Not a fan anymore. Thank you for posting the truth not the crap that Brian Molko said. Know the facts before accusing. Thank you again. Really appreciate it.

  4. Yes I was also at the concert last night. I am a 62 year old mother and grandmother who has loved Placebo for years. I thought it would be nice if I went to the concert with my five children, husband and granddaughter. I persuaded them to come down to the front barrier with me so I could see Placebo close up. Bad mistake. After about the third song in I was basically thrown into the barrier with great force. My twin 16 year old boys who by the way were at there very first concert tried to grab me so I wouldn’t fall. I then turned around to see these two drugged, off there head guys pushing people out of the way quite brutally. My other son who is by the way the one with the backwards baseball hat that Brian Molko threw out tried to push these two idiots out of the way so no one would get hurt. He never threw one punch but tried to protect his family and others who also were in danger by pushing the abusers back into the crowd away from us. I am absolutely disgusted that my son because he is tall and worn a cap on backwards has been picked out by Brian Molko as being the abuser and escorted from the venue. Did Brian Molko see the two young women on the ground right near the barrier who had been punched in the face and the other being my granddaughter punched in the stomach and had both fallen to the floor by these morons. NO he did not. He only saw my son protecting his family and surrounding strangers from being injured and pushing NOT punching these low lives out of the way. There was a security guard less than six feet in front of us right under Brian Molko who was only interested in catching people using there cameras. We tried to get his attention to help us but no instead my son gets kicked out. I am proud of my son as a gentlemen for having the good values to protect these innocent people and his family who were getting injured by scum. I realise that being in those front rows on the floor that these things happen as I have been to many concerts over my years. My son has been ridiculed because Brian Molko has only seen part of the incident. They should be thanking my son for helping these young women do the job that the security guards should of been doing. After my son was wrongly evicted we as a united family left as well. There were eight of us. Our tickets were $1,000 and I spent an extra $200 on merchandise which will now go in to the garbage. What upsets me the most is that your column and The Daily Telegraph have been given false information from a band member that only saw half an incident. I would like to think that he didn’t see the young women that had been hit and knocked to the floor and that my son was trying to protect these people then humiliated for his efforts. Seeing it sprawled over social media and your column today disgusts me. My son has made me proud with his actions last night and Brian Molko I am so disappointed that you chose to pick a random guy to blame. My respect for you has now diminished. Get your facts right before you accuse people next time. Would you have protected those woman. !!!!!

    1. I was there near your family and I am absolutely disgusted how the scenario unfolded. All your son was doing was trying to protect the people around him. I saw the young girl get punched in the stomach and all I can say is the so-called security have a lot to answer for. Where were the bouncers at the rail? Were there any in the venue? We need more people like your son at concerts who obviously was there to have a good time with his family. I’m sorry that your night ended early and your son should probably be compensated for being unfairly treated. I really don’t think Brian Molko saw what actually happened and only saw him holding back the other guy who was fighting. Brian Molko you got it wrong and by picking out random people in the crowd who stand out is a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

  5. I also was standing right next to the incident and saw everything that happened. I felt so sorry for the guy with the backwards baseball cap. I agree with Chook. You got it wrong Brian Molko. Those poor woman that got hit. I saw them on the ground. I helped one of them up. I bet Brian didn’t see that. It is so wrong that Brian Molko shamed him in front of all those people for trying to help. Just shows who was the better man and it wasn’t you Brian. I have followed Placebo for twenty years but now have no respect for Brian himself. How could you have possibly seen all details of the incident while you were playing. You used to be my favourite band but after seeing you last night no way. Your attitude was disgusting. We in Australia try to look after our families and women. Backwards baseball cap guy you deserve the praise. Good on you for being a decent man.

    1. Also if you didn’t see all the incident which you CLEARLY didn’t you should of let it go. Then leave it up to the security who apparently get paid to do a job whether good or bad. In this incident it was very bad. You should of just shut up and kept playing which is what we paid you for. Not big note yourself and shame an innocent man.

  6. I was there too. I was on the edge of what happened and you guys are spinning this to suit yourselves.
    One if not both of the guys that got tossed were punching that other idiot.
    I don’t like calling people names but the group that was with the booted guys were behaving like bogan thugs.
    That drugged idiot should have been removed quicker but you can’t just take the law into your hands like that.
    Only in Newcastle! I say that as someone that grew up in Toronto and could not wait to leave.
    The guys that got booted were not innocent. I was to the right of you lot and the people all around me saw what happened and they all cheered.
    If you want to fight go somewhere else. This justification of thuggish behaviour in Newcastle is getting old.

    1. Nice one Jordan. I agree. Stooping to violence makes you just as bad as the other guy. They should have just got the attention of the bouncers and got him booted or held him and taken him to the front to be dealt with.
      Also, not excusing the original perpetrator’s disgusting behaviour at all, but it’s well known that it is rough up the front at a huge gig and no kids should be up there at a rock concert unless it’s a teenybopper band designed for kids.

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