PINBALL & BEER: The perfect combination

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Love pinball? Love beer? Well now you can combine those two loves at Mayfield’s Stag & Hunter Hotel. 

We’ve been banging on about how much we love the Stag & Hunter’s approach to presenting live original music for months now. But we’ve kept a secret from you. The Stag has become a haven for those of us who still enjoy the youthful pursuit of beating a high score on a pinball machine whilst partaking in the adult luxury of drinking beer!

While we still haven’t beat any of resident Stag pinball wizard, LLOYDY’s high scores but we remain confident. And a beer or two while playing only increases our confidence!

Our tip is to grab yourself a Toohey’s Darling Pale Ale from the bar, some Southern Fried Chicken from the kitchen and take your spare dollars over to the Pinball Machines for some good ol’ fashioned fun.

WHAT: The Stag & Hunter Hotel
WHERE: 187 Maitland Rd Mayfield
PHONE: 0249681205

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