PHOTOS & VIDEO: Delta Goodrem wows Newcastle

Newcastle Live -


Delta Goodrem was in Newcastle last night with a massive production to showcase her latest material and work her way through the back catalog of hits. Here’s a gallery of photos and video you shared on the night.

When @deltagoodrem gives you a shout out! ?❤️ #wingsofthewildtour #newcastle

A video posted by Blake O'Brien (@blakejamess) on

✖️ I knew it had to end like this @deltagoodrem #wingsofthewildtour

A video posted by Chris Anderson (@chrisando) on

✖️ This is the last time, that i said I needed you (but I always will) @deltagoodrem #wingsofthewildtour

A video posted by Chris Anderson (@chrisando) on

VIP soundcheck with @deltagoodrem @hannahashertwomey ?

A photo posted by @fancy_lancey on

the stage set ? @deltagoodrem ❤️? #wingsofthewildtour #Newcastle

A video posted by LUCINDA CAMPESE (@lucindacampese) on

Thanks for a fun night @deltagoodrem ❤️

A video posted by brendans1234 (@brendans1234) on

@deltagoodrem tonight!

A video posted by Jaimie Abbott Communications (@jaimieabbott) on

Delta goodrem was amazing!! ? #wingsofthewildtour @deltagoodrem

A video posted by Jacob Cowan (@jacabob456) on

What a Night! Feeling amazing after a stunning show @deltagoodrem #deltagoodrem #strongwomen #goodvibesonly

A photo posted by Teigan Tobias (@teigan_tobias) on

#wingsofthewildtour #makingmemories #deltagoodrem #newcastle #bestnight @deltagoodrem ?

A photo posted by Morgan Creek (@morgyalice) on

Ah Delta you never disappoint! ?❤️?@deltagoodrem #makingmemories #deltagoodrem #newcastle

A photo posted by Morgan Creek (@morgyalice) on

such an amazing concert! ?✨?#wingsofthewild #wingsofthewildtour

A photo posted by @brooke_coggins on

@deltagoodrem YOU BEAUTIFUL GARDIAN ANGLE #WingsOfTheWild #WingsOfTheWildTour

A photo posted by Delta Is A Gardian Angle? (@deltafanpageaustralia) on

Delta absolutely nailed it tonight! What an amazing start to her #WingsoftheWild tour! ???? #DeltaGoodrem #NailedIt

A photo posted by NXFM Newcastle (@nxfmnewcastle) on

#deltagoodrem #wingsofthewild #marriageproposal

A photo posted by natalie pearce (@stapo1982) on

GUYS, my QUEEN winked at me and was like, "Am I creeping you out?" #mylifeisover #straya2k16 @deltagoodrem

A video posted by Eissa Saeed (@senoreissa) on

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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