Paul Woseen calls on The Angels to patch things up with Doc

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In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, bass guitarist and songwriter with The Screaming Jets, Paul Woseen has slammed the members of The Angels and called on them to patch things up with Doc Neeson before it’s too late.

In the wake of Doc Neeson going public with information about a life threatening brain tumour on a recent Australian Story, Woseen has called for the band to put the past behind them and make contact with Doc.

The songwriter used an analogy to explain why he thought members of The Angels were being unreasonable by not talking to Neeson: “You fight with your girlfriend or whatever but you don’t kick her out of the house over an argument.

“Or you don’t want her to kick you out of the house for forgetting to do something stupid because, you know, guys are stupid and we forget to do a lot of shit. But we shouldn’t be kicked out of the house for doing something stupid.”

During the interview Woseen also said; “I guess I can see how it can happen but I think it’s weak as piss … not talking to your mate just putting things beside you. It doesn’t matter, everything else is trivial,”

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