Novocastrians say they are confident in the city after dark

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The Newcastle After Dark survey, commissioned by the local council, has found that most people are confident they will not experience threat or harm when heading out for a night in the city.

Over 70% of Novocastrians who completed the online survey said that they did not have any negative experiences on their last visit to Newcastle at night. Responders tend to agree that Newcastle at night is safe, inclusive, diverse and vibrant.

One of the main reasons people said they didn’t visit Newcastle at night was due to Parking difficulties and lack of transportation. Frequent and accessible public transport were also considered important in ensuring a safe night out.

The results of the survey will be used by Council’s Strategic Planning unit to inform future strategies and action plans. It is anticipated that the Newcastle After Dark survey will be conducted annually to track visitation to, and community perceptions of, Newcastle after dark.

For more information on the report visit newcastle.nsw.gov.au

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  1. So how many people filled out the survey? My bet is no more than about ten people, the total number who now go out on a Friday or Saturday night in Newcastle..cos there’s sweet FA to do! Of course it’s safe, if everyone else except the ones that can afford to nosh down at the Foreshore are sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. That solicitor from the Hill has really screwed up Newcastle’s nightlife. How about a survey of Novocastrians aged 18-30 yo who are considering moving elsewhere (probs Melbourne) so they can see bands and do interesting things, not just pay $10 for a beer and $20 for a plate of wedges? Seriously, who the f*ck is responsible for the current state of Newcastle night-life? Bunch of privileged dicks from where I stand.

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