No Khe Sanh & No Cutlets As Renovations Begin At The Prince Of Wales Hotel

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We got a sneak peak of the new look Prince Of Wales Hotel in Merewether, and we think you’re gonna love it.

We sat down with the hotel’s new owners Julianne and Ty Burford (also owners of The Burwood Inn) to chat about its new direction.

We asked them about what they’re doing with the music, the renovations, and working with head chef, Brendhan Bennison, on the Prince’s pop up restaurant, Two Mules.

The New Look

Renovations are underway at The Prince Of Wales with the new pop-up Mexican already breathing new life into the venue. But for us, it’s upstairs in the hotel’s new pop-up bar, The Cat’s Pajamas, that things get really interesting!

Think murals, old movie posters, neon lights and strange objects purchased from backwater auctions and that will start to paint a picture of what’s happening.

We’ve got a few sneaky photos for you to check out with many more to come over the next few months.

No Cutlets

Mex-Americana is the flavour of Two Mules, the Prince Of Wales’ new pop-up restaurant. Head chef Brendhan Bennison, formerly of Surly’s in Sydney, told us the menu was inspired by his American heritage.

“Florida is a melting pot of flavours. You have the flavours from the American south, Cuba, Central America, the Caribbean, and a few others all kind of floating around. Travelling through all these regions in my younger days, I guess I just picked up a little of what I loved and put it into my cooking.”

The menu

Tacos, nachos, burritos and burgers head up the menu, but you’ll also find a selection of Mex-Americana inspired share plates, Gringo Bowls and something called Chings – shredded chipotle chicken wrapped in a flour tortilla, deep fried, cut into small pieces covered in melted cheese….. YOLO!

The perfect accompaniment

When you’ve got a taco like this on your hands it would be a crime not to wash it down with something equally as special. That’s where the Two Mule’s Cocktail Menu comes in.

During our visit, we knocked back a Scorpion Resposado Mezcal Margarita, and we’re happy to tell you it was pretty damn special. You only live once… Just do it.

If the margarita isn’t for you there’s plenty of other cocktails on the list to try. We’re keen on the Bloody Gringo and maybe a cheeky Colada-rita for our next visit.

No Khe Sanh

Khe Sanh, Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Home Alabama and Horses…Are you sick of hearing the same old songs in every venue you walk into? So are The Prince Hotel’s new owners Julianne and Ty.

“I have a lot of respect for local artists who are playing around town every weekend, but I wanted to do something different here,” Ty told us.

“There’s no Khe Sanh and no cutlets here, we want to offer Newcastle something it doesn’t currently have and showcase the diversity of local musicians and DJs”.

Local five piece electronic indie pop band FOEMEN will headline opening night of The Cat’s Pajamas with DJ Tomek (co-founder of Coloursound), behind the most amazing DJ table you’ve ever seen (Stay tuned for photos next week).


30 June, KATO returns to Newcastle for one night only upstairs at the Prince’s new pop-up bar The Cat’s Pajamas. He’ll be joined by DJ Boogie.

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You won’t find a trace of boring pub food on the menu at the Prince’s new pop-up restaurant, Two Mules. But head chef Brendhan Bennison has breathed new life into one dish that’s become a staple of the Novocastrian diet, and you’ve GOT to try it.

The Schnitzelero is the pop-up’s answer to the Hunter’s hunger for Schitty! But this ain’t your regular frozen number.

This 250-gram butter-milk soaked southern delight is crunchy on the outside, full of flavour and, to be honest, nothing like any other schnitty we’ve tried. The day we popped in they were serving it topped with Chilli and their AMAZING house cheese sauce (pictured above).


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