Newcastle’s Family Dog drops I Hope We Make It

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We’re stoked to give you an exclusive ‘first look’ at a new video that Newy band, Family Dog dropped on us this week.

The song is called, I Hope We Make It and it’s a cracker!

I Hope We Make It was Produced by Andrew Price, mixed by Sean Cook and mastered by Andrew Edgson. The video, the band’s first, we dropped on our Facebook page today was produced by Daniel at Dan Dimmock Creative Media.

The video follows the release of FD’s self proclaimed ‘mini album’. Musically, the song take the band in a new direction with all the same intensity of the last release.

“The goal when we started tracking was to make a record that sounded like a 5 piece band, playing at Wembley stadium to no one but the sound guy. There’s a weird sense of teenage vanity in there that I Hope is smoothed over by the modesty of playing to no one” the band told Newcastle Live.

“Contrary to our previous releases, which were doused with foreign instrumentation and over the top arrangements, we wanted this to sound like a live band. There’s something about the “live” sound that’s almost impossible to achieve convincingly in the studio. Maybe it’s the lack of cocked up legs on foldback speakers and gross combination of beer and sweat that lacks? Regardless, I think we got it pretty close and I’m pretty chuffed we built this little piece of rock music from the ground up in my garage”.

Similarly, the video was filmed in a very large, very empty space – Newy’s own, Tower Cinemas. I Hope We Make It is the first video release by Family Dog

Family Dog will be touring the east coast of Australia in Nov/Dec in support of the upcoming film clip for I Hope We Make it.

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