Newcastle United Service Club vandalised with anti V8 Supercar slogans

Newcastle Live -


We were shocked to see this pop up in our Facebook feeds this afternoon. In a post to it’s Facebook page the club says it fears this vandalism is in retaliation to their decision to rent a small office to the V8 Supercars in an effort to create some much needed income for the United Service Club.

If it's on in Newcastle, it's on Newcastle Live

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  1. The “no” party have shown themselves here. It’s nothing to do with the heritage buildings but their own self interest at potential disturbance. If they cared about heritage buildings would they go and graffiti one?

  2. And they say v8 supporters are bogans and anti social louts. Seems there’s been to much credibility given to the minority groups.

  3. For gods sake you scum bags get a life ,,,,its only for a few days ,,,so what the heck ,,,it will bring money to the city,,so leave them be for 5 days or so…

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