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Welcome to the first post in a series where we’ll be profiling locals with interesting, funny or informative Twitter accounts.

When we started our own little Twitter account a few months ago we wanted to follow people who not only made and loved live music, we also wanted to follow Novocastrians who had something to say. Given that, one of the twitter accounts we’ve come to love is authored by local Matthew Hatton.

User Name: @bernietb

Who: According to his website “Matthew is a soon-to-be graduate of the University of Newcastle’s Bachelor of Communication program in which he majored in journalism”.

What: Matthew Tweets about beer, sport, the media, Newcastle and things that piss him off. In between this he makes quips about university life, politics, family and his dog. It’s funny and often endearing.

When: A self confessed ‘excessive’ tweeter, there’s lots to get through on the @bernietb feed. He tweets around the clock, especially when there’s a big international sporting event on the TV… but most of it is gold.

Why: We like following @bernietb because we love a good rant here at Newcastle Live, and a lot of us love sport. So if you’re into rants about sport, politics and the media there’s plenty to interact with here. Be warned though, @bernietb can get a little bit ‘swear-y’, but it’s all in good humour most of the time.

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