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Each week Instagramers share beautiful photos of Newcastle. So over the summer we’ve decided to run a spotlight series to shine the light on some of our favourite accounts and the people behind them. We’re going to ask each person the same 4 questions and share a few of their photos with you. Next up is krysi (@krysihazel).

What’s your favourite type of photo to upload to Instagram?

Not for the quality of The photo, but for the idea behind it. On a random night my friend and I decided to pitch a tent in the pouring rain. We woke up to a beautiful overcast day overlooking the beach!

A photo posted by @krysihazel on

What’s your favourite Spot in Newcastle?

This used to be Screzleki hill before they cleared it. I’ve now found a beautiful spot overlooking Newcastle beach & King Edward. Nice spot to watch the storms roll in. Followed closely by markets and Dixon/Merewether beach of course!

What’s your favourite Bar / Restaurant in Newcastle?

Cazador in the mall is always a nice choice. Although, I did check out The Jones Girls cafe on Belford, and I can see this becoming a favourite for me. I want everything in there, and they have a cute book exchange too.

Where’s you favourite place to see live music in Newcastle?

I don’t see a lot of live music and not in one particular place either. I don’t mind going to the markets and sitting down with a coffee to watch the band play there. A little bit of jazz for your Sunday morning. The This That festival was a bit of fun on the foreshore last month!

You can follow Krysi on Instagram @krysihazel

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