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Meg Mac stands at the forefront of the Australian music scene, with the release of her debut album Low Blows and announcement of her upcoming Australian tour. With her most recent Splendour appearance and US tour gaining so much traction, it is no surprise that a majority of the set dates have already sold out.

Ahead of her Newcastle show at the Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle Live talks to Meg about Low Blows, Splendour and expectations for her upcoming tour.

NL: What has the reception to ‘Low Blows’ been like so far?

MM: “I think it’s been pretty goods far. My favorite thing is getting things on social media like messages, or people commenting a line from my song. Getting a response from people who are actually listening to it is really good.”

NL: How was this year so vastly different to first Splendour?

MM: “When I first played Splendour I only had my EP, and I remember being really nervous because I had never seen that many people before. So I remember being really nervous, but also remember it being one of my favorite shows ever. This time, I had a lot more fun because I had more songs on the set list. Its actually the most I have ever heard people singing”.

NL: You’ve upgraded the live production value. Has that been something that you’ve been working towards?

MM: “Yeah I guess. I’ve added a new member to the band because the album has a lot of guitar in it, but I have always been working towards making it better”.

NL: I guess its one thing to have an artist who is vocally and musically talented, but it’s a whole new wavelength when they are both visually aesthetic in their appearance and stage production. 

MM: “Oh it can make a huge difference with the lighting and what you’re wearing, that sort of thing.”

NL: If I’m correct, your sister is still your back up vocalist?

MM: “I have two backup singers, and one of those is my sister”.

NL: So what’s is it like to working with family? Any rivalries, petty arguments…?

MM: “[Laughs] No, which makes it all the more comfortable I guess. Makes it feel more normal”.

NL: Going back to the album, where did you draw most of your inspiration?

MM: “All my songwriting is done in a really personal way, I like to be very private when I am writing, as most of my songs are about personal experiences. Leading up to the album, I went overseas for the first time, and toured for the first time, there were a lot of firsts. The first song on the album ‘Grace Gold’ I started writing in a hotel room in Dallas when I was on tour. There’s another song, ‘Brooklyn Apartment, which was inspired by my time temporarily living in an Airbnb apartment in Brooklyn. My life at the time was affecting my songwriting”.

NL: You’ve just mentioned some amazing places that you have written, but what would be your weirdest most obscure location that you have ever written a song?

MM: “What’s weird is I actually have an idea in the car and then I just end up signing and trying to record it on my phone. I feel that may be the most inconvenient place to start writing. Or aside from that it would be lying in bed trying to fall asleep and I think, ‘Oh I have this great idea for a song’ and so I start signing it into my phone, and then the next morning I cant even understand what it is”.

NL: When I Google searched you, it mentioned that you were one of the five up and coming musicians to look out for, and I can totally agree. When it comes to interviewing musicians, its always awesome asking this question. Throughout your entire music career, has there been an album that has stuck with you, one that has changed your life?

MM: “Yes. When I heard the Bon Iver album For Emma, Forever Ago, I just felt like he knew how that feeling felt. I don’t know how to explain it, but its almost as if it could become the soundtrack to your life. Now whenever I here Bon Iver, it can become the soundtrack of my life. That album really summed up how I was feeling, and it just makes me think back to high school”.

NL: Looking back to this years Splendour, there were so many different collaborations. For your next big festival appearance, do you plan on doing something like that, or bringing something new to the table?

MM: “I feel like there is something big coming, I’m not quite sure what it is yet though”.

NL: With your tour, you have sold out so many shows. Newcastle is completely booked, but what can we expect?

MM: “This will be this biggest tour that I have ever done, so I will have all the new songs, I will have moments where I play a song completely by myself. I’m really excited to have a show where it is completely mine and I get to share that with you guys in the right setting. Its actually my first time playing in Newcastle so that will be good”.

NL: Set your expectations low, because the whole city is under construction at the moment.

Meg Mac has today been announced as one of the headliners for this years FOTSUN lineup. Her Australian tour will be playing the Entrance Leagues Club and the Cambridge Hotel in late September.

Entrance Leagues – Central Coast
September 20
Tickets Available:

Cambridge Hotel
September 23

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