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Last year, the Netflix funded Making a Murderer was absolute must-see television and no matter where you looked on the interwebs or who you spoke to… least in my world… everyone was raving about it. And rightly so.

This year the question on everybody’s lips will be who killed Sister Cathy?

Sister Cathy Cesnik was a popular teacher at a local Catholic high school in Baltimore, adored by her students and all her knew her when on the evening of November 7, 1969, she simply vanished. Her car was found just across the road from her apartment yet nobody saw a thing.

Her body was found bound and naked in the woods on January 3, 1970.

Just 5 days after Sister Cathy disappeared, another young woman, Joyce Malecki, also went missing from the same area. Coincidence?

What makes this 7 part documentary series so intriguing is not so much the story of the young nun but the ensuing cover-up. The Director himself admits they never set out to solve the murder, they wanted to expose the truth. And the truth is devastating but sadly, something we as a society have become used to hearing about over the last few decades.

The systematic abuse of children by paedophile Catholic priests and their cronies.

And this particular cover-up appears to reach way, way up into the various branches of power within the community. Any community really. The clergy, the teachers, the police, the local government officials. All of these vile creatures preyed upon innocent children and used their positions of power and trust to keep those children terrified and silent for many decades.

Until one day ‘Jane Doe’ decides she wants to talk, decides she wants justice. For a long time she remained anonymous but no longer. But this is her story and I will let her tell it.

But be warned, her graphic and intimate accounts of her abuse are heart wrenching and painful to hear. I almost stopped watching many times but I owe it to this lady and all the others who felt empowered enough to now tell their story. I owe it to them to listen to them and to believe them. To join the voices of outrage across the world.

Running Time :  7 episodes – approx 60 minutes each

Release Date :  On Netflix now

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