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I heard about this new Netflix show just as the final episodes of Girls was screening on Foxtel. I watched Girls, I guess I was a fan but I was more a fan of the fact the show turned female stereotypes and what it means to be female on its head. Deeply flawed, less than perfect women are always…..ALWAYS ….. far more interesting than, well, perfect ones.

I saw the trailer for Girlboss somewhere on the interwebs and I was on holidays so I thought why not. The trailer told me it was a show about a chick who built an empire out of nothing but a keen eye for vintage fashion, a healthy dose of chutzpah and sheer force of will. Oh yeah. I was in!

Girlboss is loosely based on the life of Nastygal founder Sophia Amoruso. I did not have a clue who this woman was but as I said, I am all for a woman out there doing it for herself. If the show is to be believed, Sophia (Robertson) started her online fashion empire from her small, dingy apartment in downtown San Francisco. She is supported and encouraged by her long suffering BFF Annie (Reed) who, truth be told, is the better character in the show, if only she was fleshed out just a little more.

So, I got through the first episode. Barely. As previously mentioned, Sophia is played by the eternally perky and thus eternally annoying Britt Robertson. Could I tolerate 13 episodes of Britt bouncing around San Francisco?

*big dramatic sigh*

I am a reviewer, it is my job to review and to review I must watch…..

Okay so the first few episodes are ummmmm not so great. There is a lot of character building and backstory narrative but it is watchable. Then at about episode 5, it starts to get good. I’m not talking Game of Thrones or Downton Abbey or The Walking Dead good but much better.

Sophia enjoys a romance with broody muso Shane (Simmons) and tries to sort things out with her dad (Norris) all while her little ebay business goes from strength to strength.

A true highlight is a cameo by Kiwi actress Melanie Lynskey as an uptight vintage clothes hoarder named Gail. Her 3 episode arc really made the show for me and I truly hope she is brought back for more episodes.

But can she have it all? You will have to watch and see

This show is a great way to pass some time. It is light and fun with a killer soundtrack and you will be left wanting more by the end of episode 13. You won’t remember it in a few days’ time but you will be glad when …. if …… it gets a second season.

3 stars

Starring : Britt Robertson, Ellie Reed, Johnny Simmons, Alphonso McAuley, Melanie Lynskey, RuPaul, Dean Norris

Running Time :  10 epsidoes of approx. 27 minutes

Release Date :  On Netflix now

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  1. I enjoyed it very much. Was a good space filler to start and then I started binging towards the end.

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