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It’s no secret that I’m totally in love with local songwriter Melody Pool’s album, The Hurting Scene. The first time I listened to it I was moved to tears in a public space and I’ve played at least one track from it everyday since. So you can imagine my excitement when Melody agreed to a Q and A to chat with me about the album, her tour with Marlon Williams and what we could expect from the new batch of songs she’s been writing.

On The Hurting Scene album

What was the best thing about working with Jace Everett?

His total faith in me. Which really boosted my own faith in me too…enough to make The Hurting Scene.

How much influence did Jace have on the sound of the album? Or was that all worked out before you guys started talking?

The sound of the record came from everyone’s involvement really. Jace worked through song choices with me more than anything. I had sent reference tracks to try and describe the sound I wanted and he always understood me on it.

How do you think growing up in Kurri Kurri has influenced you as a songwriter?

Haha. I don’t know, really. I guess there isn’t a huge music/art scene in Kurri Kurri which allowed me to be inspired quite easily by beautiful or ugly things I did experience when venturing away from home. I’m glad I didn’t grow up in a city though because I think I would’ve been a lot more distracted which would probably have pushed me away from music a bit. Grateful for KK!

What’s it like for your album to be referred to as “one of the most accomplished debuts by an Australian singer-songwriter for many years” by The Australian newspaper? Does a comment like that bring ‘the pressure’ on?

The comment in itself is lovely! I am super humbled by that. I have felt huge pressure for a while now about the second record, because of the response The Hurting Scene has received and I do feel completely terrified sometimes of the ‘Sophomore Slump’. Jace told me yesterday though ‘The only pressure that matters is the pressure you put on yourself, so be aware of it, and then give yourself a break!’ Ha. He’s great. I’m living by that now!

How do you get through a night of playing such emotive songs with lines like “and I’ll let myself be used for a chance to let your love inside me” without crawling into a ball and slowly sobbing?

Well for a long time it was always heavy to play those songs. They are quite intense and I found I would be emotionally exhausted by the end of a show. Now though, I feel a lot more nostalgic about them – I guess because I’ve moved past the situation that prompted me to write the songs.. But sometimes there are moments of ‘god, I remember feeling that shit, that was awful’ and it hits a little at those times.

On the tour

Besides the production equipment, what are the 5 things you can’t live without on tour?

Contact lenses (I am blind as a bat), face wash (make-up drives me crazy), headphones, a book and my notebook.

Marlon is a pretty suave dude. What’s the wardrobe set up for the tour? Have you guys selected threads for the shows, or is it a come as you are kind of affair?

We haven’t even spoken about that yet but I feel like that should definitely be a thing!

What’s the rehearsal been like for the tour?

Honestly, we’ve been kind of like ships in the night except for the odd day here and there so our first rehearsal is tonight. We are so pumped though. We’ve picked some goodies.

On the new material you’ve been working on

Will we get a chance to hear any of your new material on this tour?

You absolutely will.

Should we expect something completely different from the new album?

Expect growth, depth, ugliness, darkness, light and empowerment. It’s kind of like a manic thought stream that threads together enough to not feel disjointed… I think. Ha.

Are you planning on crowd funding the new album?

No I don’t plan to this time as I’m signed to a label now!

Will you be working with Jace again?


How do you feel about people sharing your music online for free?

I try not to think about it. It REALLY irks me and I probably wouldn’t be friends with the people that do that haha, but it’s kind of inevitable at the moment I think.. It freaks me out if I analyse it too much.

And before you go…

What’s your advice for anyone who finds themselves on The Hurting Scene?

Don’t feel guilty about it, and don’t let anyone make you feel guilty about it. If you’re hurt, you’re hurt. You’re allowed.

Melody plays Lizotte’s Newcastle with Marlon Williams on August 3 and I can’t wait. Tickets are available for the show via the Lizotte’s Newcastle website.

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