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Kids and big kids alike rejoice. It’s Newcastle’s turn to get up close and personal with sharp-clawed dinosaurs on display in the blockbuster Tyrannosaurs Meet the Family, an exhibition opening at Newcastle Museum on 31 October.

Scotty, the T-Rex installation at Newcastle Museum will stand 5 metres high and stretches 11 metres long. It’s the largest in the family of big-toothed, sharp-clawed dinosaurs that will be on display in at the “Meet the Family” exhibition at Newcastle Museum that opens tomorrow (October 31).

The exhibition will showcase an array of fossils and casts of tyrannosaur specimens. The display is designed to provide a snapshot of dinosaur life and show how this group became the world’s top predators with their massive skulls, powerful jaws and bone-crunching teeth.

Throughout the exhibition people will have the chance to explore an immersive multimedia experience that features  large-scale immersive projections of dinosaurs, discover Guanlong wucaii – the newly discovered feathery relative of T-Rex, find out how recent scientific findings confirm the links between dinosaurs and birds and use multi-touch technologies to compare their arm strength to that of a mighty T. rex.

The exhibition runs from 31 October to 28 February 2016.  Entry is $10 for adults & $7 for kids. There are concession and family passes available. Visit the Newcastle Museum website for more information.

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