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Singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist, Mat McHugh is giving away his new release, Waves as a free digital download so that people can hear and share the music around the World. McHugh, who has sold over 350 thousand albums Worldwide, is headed to Lizotte’s in Lambton on October 22 to present the album to a live audience. 

Mat has always been an independent artist, self-funding all his own recordings, plus manufacturing, distribution and marketing. He did all the engineering and production on Waves as well as playing all of the instruments. His longtime friend and collaborator Ian Pritchett helped with the engineering and did the final mixing.

“Getting my music out this way allows me to allows me to reach people who might not have heard it before. When someone downloads a song, they share it with their friends, if they like it, and then the cycle continues. I like the idea of the music speaking for itself and, even more, I like the idea of people sharing things. Plus, the act of giving always feels like, to me, a pretty fun thing to be doing.” Mat said.

The first song to be made available from Waves is Sideways – a mix of confessional lyrics, acoustic guitars, driving dub influenced rhythms and melodic lines synthesized by Mat sampling his voice and other assorted items he had lying around the studio.

“WAVES is inspired by my father, who passed away when I was ten. One of my fondest memories of him is his love for his guitar, an old acoustic that he used to play around the house on a regular basis. When I was cleaning out some things last year, I stumbled upon that exact guitar and decided to see if I could fix it up. I wanted to see if it still had any songs in it. With a bit of tweaking and restringing I was able to bring it back to life, recreating that sound I remember so clearly from my childhood. That guitar is responsible for WAVES – every song was written on it and it made its way onto every track on the album”.

Mat McHugh plays Lizotte’s in Lambton on October 22.

WHO: Mat McHugh
WHEN: October 22
WHERE: Lizotte’s

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