Mark Swivel: How Deep is Your Love?

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Heard em all? Try this: a man falls in love…in Bangladesh. With a bank. Writer and lawyer Mark Swivel saw a gap in the saturated comedy marketplace for a show on poverty, banking and the Bee Gees. So he went for it and you can witness the result at The Royal Exchange in Newcastle on the 18th and 19th of March from 8pm. 

Mark went to learn microfinance with Nobel Prize winning Grameen Bank. He wanted to ‘make a difference, and what can you do, rejoin the Labor Party?

So, Mark discovers shampoo is black, cauliflower is muchIloved and the Bee Gees are still cool. Well, a man sings him How Deep Is Your Love in the street. Mark falls for Habibunessa, Shagorica and Malika – women who borrow from Grameen to start their businesses.

An unlikely love story? You bet. With slides.

Mark asks: what can we learn from ‘the poor’? Can you recite your mortgage? And where’s the best coffee in Dhaka?

WHAT: Mark Swivel: How Deep is Your Love?
WHEN: 18th and 19th of March
WHERE: The Royal Exchange

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