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Marissa Soroca

She may only stand a little over five feet high, but it’s one hell of a voice that comes out of Novocastrian songstress, Marissa Saroca. Her Desert 5 features some absolute classics and a few local gems as well.

In 2013, Marissa moved to the Philippines when she was chosen from tens of thousands to participate in the blind auditions for ABS-CBN’s The Voice of the Philippines. Chosen by industry legend Lea Salonga for Team Lea, Marissa made an unforgettable impact in her battle round with Aretha Franklin’s soul classic ‘Respect’. These are some of the albums that have influenced her life and career.

MARIAH CAREY – DAYDREAM | Okay, this is embarrassing but I’m gonna say Mariah Carey’s Daydream. What can I say?! I’m a singer, and one of those annoying ones who likes to sing super high and loud and show-off-y and this was one of the albums and singers that I idolised growing up. Still a guilty pleasure. One of my past flatmates always used to come home and bust me singing this album at the top of my lungs whilst cleaning the house in my undies.

N.E.R.D. – FLY OR DIE | Just so freakin’ cool. I learnt so much about production listening to this album. It’s no wonder Pharrell has worked with so many notable artists on so many hits. I feel like his music is smart whilst still being catchy – my favourite kind. I know I’ll never be as cool as these guys but their songwriting, production and how much their personality and individuality comes across in their music has always been an inspiration.

JON MAYER – ROOM FOR SQUARES | CONTINUUM | I’m torn between John Mayer’s Room For Squares and Continuum. He’s such a talented songwriter and lyricist it makes me angry sometimes. But I can listen to him over and over again – which I guess is perfect in a stuck-on-a-desert-island situation. Continuum, I’m gonna go with that one.

AZ YET – AZ YET | Az Yet’s self-titled debut is THE quintessential 90s R&B album for me and still one of my favourite albums of all time. So smooth. So cheesy. Love it.


AMY VEE & THE VIRTUES’ – ARCHETYPE | She’s not gonna believe me, but I choose Amy Vee and the Virtues’ Archetype… one of those rare albums that you don’t want to skip any song, clever songwriting, I love the production on this album, and her lyrics and melodies are such a delight to sing along to. And while we’re on the subject of friends, if they’re not allowed to hang and jam on the island with me then I’m going to cheat and sneak in some of their music to keep me company!! Holly Who’s new self-titled EP, Mark Wells’ The Long Walk Home, Fumi Boca’s Bending It, Little Blak Dress’ Hello Lady EP, James Chatburn ‘Sickness and Health’ and The Nickson Wing’s self-titled album to name a few… not only cause I’m on half of them, but because I love their music and they seriously are some of the most talented artists I’ve ever heard. X

You can find out more about Marissa by visiting her website. Her albums Cheaper Than Therapy and Boys Write Love Songs Too are available on iTunes.

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