Lita and The Bird this Sunday at The Stag

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Brisbane Indie Folk Pop outfit, Lita and The Bird are headed to The Stag & Hunter in Mayfield this Sunday (Dec 20) to showcase cuts from their debut EP.

Lita and The Bird have been capturing the hearts of each town they’ve played along the coast with their dynamic and soul filled performances.

Megan Starr Thomas from TBCMAG said, ‘These guys are pioneers in story telling when it comes to song writing and will leave you eerily intrigued song after song’.

The band first formed in 2009 with front woman Lita and lead guitarist/vocalist Jason (The bird) They have now drawn members of the band since who have shared their same passion for story telling and who have contributed immensely in what is evident as a new and captivating sound since their last album early 2012.

With the release of their new single ‘Silver’ Lita and the Bird are taking this tour head on promoting their new self titled EP which they plan to release early next year 2016.

WHO: Lita and The Bird
WHEN: Sunday December 20
WHERE: Stag & Hunter

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