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Sydney songstress Rachel Collis is coming to Newcastle as part of her Nightlight album launch tour on Friday 26th September.

Since stepping into the musical spotlight in 2012, Rachel has gathered quite the reputation for her unforgettable live performances, drawing comparisons with American singer-songwriter and pianist Regina Spektor. She’s played to music fans in venues across Sydney, along with a couple of solo appearances at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. Rachel’s live shows are unique and unpredictable, at times channeling Ben Folds on the piano before changing gear to resemble the more modern folk story telling of a Joni Mitchell.

The shows will not only feature tracks from Nightlight, but also some of Rachel’s previous material. The talented songstress says she feels at home performing for Australian audiences and is really looking forward to sharing some of her new material in an intimate live show setting. “I think as a culture we tend to have our guard down right from the first moment, there’s little of the formality and distance you find in some other cultures,” she says. “As a performer, this provides a unique opportunity to connect with the audience right from the first song. And I really enjoy it when audience members approach me after a performance and tell me which songs were most meaningful for them and why.”

On Nightlight, Rachel opens herself up with honest and heartfelt songs that tell tales of acceptance, hope and living in the moment. With the concept of living in the moment in mind, Rachel is quick to acknowledge that when it comes to her live shows, the ethos is to really expect the unexpected. “Audiences can expect to be moved to laughter sometimes, and sometimes to tears,” she says. “I value honesty in songwriting and performance, and honesty is sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes moving and sometimes hilarious.”

Rachel Collis plays The Commons Café on Friday 26th September.


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