Newcastle stays but Kincumber and Dee Why Lizotte’s venues to close in 2015

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The 104 year old theatre in Lambton that is home to Lizotte’s Newcastle will be removed from the market and remain in the hands of Brian and Jo Lizotte.  As part of this decision, the owners have decided to close their Kincumber and Dee Why venues in an effot to secure a better ‘work life balance’.

“It’s not with a heavy-heart that either Jo or I have made this decision to simplify our lives , in fact, it’s extremely exciting for us to be embarking on the next chapter. Putting renewed energy and focus on the Lizotte’s brand in Newcastle with new customer experiences such as table-side cooking and unique events for and by the local community” says Brian.

“From day one, Newcastle crowds welcomed us with open arms and we have always been thankful that we were so warmly embraced”.

The original cubby-house in Kincumber will hold a weeklong celebration leading up to the finale and closing date of Friday 24th April 2015.  Some of the marquee and local artist’s that have performed at the Central Coast Venue over the past 10 years will be featured during the week celebration.

The Sydney Northern Beaches venue, Dee Why Lizotte’s  will close with its final show on Saturday 30th May, 2015.

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