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On the 30th of March 2014 Paul McMahon fell 3.5 stories from a building in Sydney and into concrete. The accident occurred at a friend’s house on his 28th birthday. Paul is now writing a book about his survival and Newcastle Live took some time with him to chat about the experience. 
“I flew through the air hitting an awning after one floor and then a tree” Paul says of his accident.
There was original fear that Paul may not walk or indeed be unable to talk. The accident really could have been his peril. But in writing a book about his recovery Paul was about to turn the experience into a cathartic one. The story shows that despite the worst accident possible you can still venture into tranquillity and prosperity.
Had you been interested in writing before deciding to write this book? 
I wrote during university about travel as i loved it! I wanted to be a diplomat but was rejected. I continue this by working with the sydney latin american film festival.
What are some of your favourite books and authors?
Gabriel garcia marquez because the colombian Takes you on an amazing magical journey.
You traveled around Australia as part of your recovery; what was the highlight of your trip?
Uluru and the olgas. So much fame and unique qualities with so few aussies.
During your last trip to the doctor, they told you that you could return to work; How does that feel, and what are you going to do?
I always wanted to work in government policy so i might try. IT FEELS AMAZING!
What to you hope to achieve with the release of this book… What’s your ultimate goal for its release?
Spread the word that brain injury happens and we know so little about it. Many people are not lucky like me. So many are left sad, alone and confused.


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