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The last time Melbourne based indy band Husky played in Dungog, they were humoured and honoured to find one of the local shops had prepared a special menu for the gig that included a Husky Burger. During our recent chat about their spot at this year’s Dungog Festival we asked them if they’d tried the burger and what they thought. 

“I remember it being extremely tasty” said Husky Gawenda, lead vocalist and guitarist. “We’re really looking forward to getting back there”.

Husky last stopped into Dungog with Mumford & Sons and a host of other bands as part of the Gentlemen of the road tour. This time they’re in town for the THE BIG GIG on Saturday August 30 as part of the Dungog Festival which runs from August 28 – 31.

Gawenda also told us he’s looking forward to playing his new Bill Nash Telecaster Special for the show which will showcase selected tracks from their new album.

“I’m playing lot more electric on the new material”.

The boys told us they’ll be leaning to more upbeat and immediate material for the Dungog show, leaving the subtle material for more intimate gigs.

“We play to the people” he says

Since signing to American label Sub Pop the band say they’ve been busy connecting with all the new markets the deal has opened up for them.

“Touring overseas for 9 weeks is a lot different than doing say a handful of dates up the east coast”.

You can catch Husky as part of the Dungog Festival on August 30. See the festival website for more information.




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